A baking disaster

The main reason for me starting this blog was to keep a record of everything I bake, not to try and show the world what an amazing baker I am.

Which is why I am going to overcome my embarrassment to share the following pictures, of a certified baking disaster.

This should have been my entry for the November We Should Cocoa challengeToffee Apple Millionaires Shortbread. Sounds nice, right?

Well it probably would have been, but somewhere along the line something went wrong, and this is what happened when I tried to cut the bars:

Yep, that’s one huge, sloppy embarrassing mess. I don’t know if the caramel was just to thin to start with, or if the chocolate was too hot and made it split, but it is most definitely a disaster, and will not be my We Should Cocoa entry!

If anyone has tried this recipe and succeeded, please let me know what I might have done wrong!