My first ever cake order!

This week was pretty awesome, as I made my first ever paid-for cake! My lovely neighbour Jo, of Mocha Jo Cake fame, asked if I could make one for her friends’ joint birthday party.

Obviously I was super excited and said yes straight away, before asking exactly what kind of cake she’d like.

It was a simple, but specific brief. Firstly, all products had to be organic if possible. She wanted a victoria sponge with jam and cream, so I used my raspberry rose jam and a big dollop of whipped cream for the filling.

She wanted berries, so strawberries went in with the filling…

And in a neat little ring on top…

And then raspberries were heaped on in the middle.

Looking pretty tasty, right?

Then came the final request…. Broccoli.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love broccoli. But on a cake?! Literally, it hurt so much to do this to my beautiful cake, but as I’ve learnt in my day job you can’t argue with a client… Apparently her friends would find it hilarious, so on went the lovely little raw green florets. Delicious!

I would post a recipe, but I seriously doubt anyone would want to make this… Jo loved it though, so my first ever cake order was a success!