About the Hungry Hinny

‘Hinny: A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid that is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey (called a jenny). It is similar to the more common mule, which is the product of a female horse and a male donkey.’

Hinnies also LOVE to eat. Love. Which is why the Hungry Hinny mainly talks about food and baking.

Hungry Hinny Likes:

  • Eating
  • Baking
  • Cakes
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter
  • Cinnamon
  • Fruit
  • Cats
  • Owls

If you have any questions, hinny related, baking related, or other, you can email me at hungryhinny@hotmail.co.uk!


39 thoughts on “About the Hungry Hinny

  1. Haha…in my experience, ALL horses love to eat. I once heard it said, you think a horse loves you, but all they really want is to be fed, and eat, eat, eat. I think I must be a hinny trapped in a woman’s body. I LOVE to eat (which is becoming quite a battle now that I am starting into my 3o’s and also a mommy.) Your blog is making me hungry… Have anything special for us calorie conscious people who don’t like fake sugar much? One good trick I learned is substituting applesauce for cooking oil in my box cakes (obviously lowers the fat content, but also makes for a denser, moister cake, which I love.)

    • I do lots of baking with honey–best to buy the plainest, most “vanilla” kind of honey you can for baking (clover, alfalfa, etc. is too tangy). I stopped eating refined white sugar about 10 years ago and in about 6 months, with no other changes, lost 20+ pounds plus my energy levels went way up. Baking with honey can be a challenge, but it’s so worth it!

      • It seems like it takes a lot more honey to make something sweet (just in my limited experience using honey), and you end up with MORE calories, but they must be processed differently or something. That’s awesome!

      • I use way LESS honey!! I think it’s much sweeter than sugar. But I have gotten very used to it and no longer like super sweet stuff.

  2. Hiya, I’m a freelancer working for womanandhome.com and I’m trying to contact you re. our 100 Best Bloggers feature. Congratulations for being included! It would be great if you could contact me for the details of a new project following on from this feature. We hope ou’d like to be involved! Thanks, Jo

  3. Hello, Hungry Hinny!!! I have been following your blog for nearly a year now – keep the images and recipes coming. I really appreciate your mouthwatering posts! Thank you for sharing! I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award. You can visit my blog (where I blogged about it today) if you choose to participate. If not, I understand – please know that you are appreciated! Anna http://annahergert.wordpress.com

  4. Hello! I’ve been blogging for a while about general things, but a few days ago I set up a second blog that is food related, and Limebird Beth suggested I should come and check your blog out here, so here I am, checking you out!

  5. You kind Mom has just given me your website detail and oh boy they look so delicious … any chance of trying gluten-free cake recipes for people like me? Thanks.

  6. I just found your blog while googling blueberry curd recipes. No idea where you are from, but “hinny” is an affectionate colloquialism for a woman in Newcastle upon Tyne. Off to have a browse around 😉

    • Hi Patch! I’m a soft southerner, from Northampton and living in Cornwall, but since starting the blog I have had a couple of people tell me what it means in Newcastle! Hope you enjoy your browse 🙂

  7. Just discovered your blog, while looking for raspberry curd. Any thoughts of loosing weight have just gone out of the window ! I love baking.
    As we are blueberry growers, I will definitely reccomend blueberry curd to our customers, I hadn’t thought of that.

    • Haha! Yes sorry, weight gain is a definite downside to all the baked goods… The blueberry curd is so, so good, and if you’re lucky enough to have blueberries just waiting to be picked I would definitely give it a try!

    • Hmm, couple of things you could try – if the dough seems quite soft you could try adding flour or cocoa powder to make it a bit stiffer, or you could chill the dough for longer before baking. Do let me know if you try again and how they turn out!

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