Taking a food blogging vacation

This is the longest I’ve everyone without blogging, and while it’s entirely possible no one has even noticed, I thought I better explain why.

As I’m writing this, I’m sat in the sun on a veranda over looking a river, drinking from a coconut with Bob Marley as the soundtrack to my blogging.

I’m in Luang Prabang, Laos, and three weeks into a six month trip around the world.

I started in Thailand and have 11 more countries on my itinerary – which means a long time with no baking to write about!

What I can do is tell you about some of the food I’m eating while on my travels, which so far has been outstanding.

My favourite thing so far is probably the fruit shakes, sold street side everywhere in Thailand for as little as 40p – fresh fruit, ice and that’s it, but they are so refreshing in the heat that’s all you need.

I have discovered a serious love for Pad Thai, which is also simple but delicious, and another street stall favourite.

Eating on a budget here is easy, restaurants are cheap but street food is even cheaper. If you like meat you’ll be in heaven with fried and barbecued skewers everywhere, as well as curries sold in ‘Thai Tupperware’ (plastic bags), rotis (Thai pancakes with a tonne of butter and condensed milk) and lots of fresh fruit.

If you’re looking for something a little different, how about deep fried grasshoppers, bees and cockroaches? Mmmmm….

In Chiang Mai, the capital of Northern Thailand, I did a fantastic cookery course featuring five classic dishes; coconut soup with shrimp, green curry with chicken, sweet and sour stir fry, Pad Thai and mango sticky rice.

With the course held on an organic farm, everything was so fresh and all the ingredients and techniques were explained well, and with the recipe book I left with I’m pretty confident I can treat friends back home to some authentic Thai when I’m back.

If you want to read more of my travel adventures, visit http://www.travelfails.wordpress.com, or I’ll update on here when I have more food news. Recipes will return when I’m home!


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