Patisserie Romanian style

While in Targoviste, our host Valentin took us to his favourite patisserie in town so we could sample some traditional Romanian baked goods.

I was lucky enough to visit twice, so I got to sample lots of different things, including a savoury cheese pastry, apple strudel, a sweet cream cheese filled bread and my personal favourite, a panettone rippled with a delicious pecan mixture which I would love to find a recipe for.

We were also treated so some of Valentin’s grandmother’s home baking, two different types of layered cakes, one with chocolate and vanilla and the other with apricot, chocolate and a meringue layer on top. Both were delicious, but I especially enjoyed the meringue and is another recipe which I will definitely have to try and recreate at home.

There is so much good food here to try that my team members will probably have to roll me off the plane when we get back as I’ll be too fat to walk, but in the name of research I will keep eating and posting about everything I try!


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