Serbian pie and an adventure

Serbian Pie

I don’t often blog about cakes that I haven’t made myself, but over the next four weeks things will be a little different here…

The picture above is of a Serbian pie, which I would probably describe as the Eastern European equivalent of a cheesecake.

It has five layers of super thin pastry, not quite as crisp as filo but a lot, lot thinner and crispier than shortcrust; layered and baked with a mixture of soft cheese, eggs, honey, vanilla and raisins.

The texture of the cheese mixture is denser than a regular cheesecake and not as sweet, making it easier to consume large portions in one sitting – although this slice was way bigger than it looks in the picture and I could only eat about a quarter.

So why am I eating and blogging about a Serbian pie? Well, I’m not in Serbia which would maybe be the obvious answer, but I am off on an adventure in another part of Europe – Romania!

Serbian pie is actually a traditional Bulgarian recipe, brought to Romania a couple of hundred years ago. It was at a time when Romanians and Bulgarians weren’t the best of friends, and so people moving to Romania from Bulgaria pretended to be Serbian so that they would be welcome.

This was eaten at a restaurant called Cocosul Negru, in the city of Targoviste in southern Romania. I’m here on a four-week Group Study Exchange programme organized by Rotary International, and will be traveling to four different parts of the country taking part in vocational activities and building relationships with various Rotary clubs.

A team of five of us will be blogging about our adventures at, so if you’re interested in what I’m doing please head over there and take a look.

I’ve had a bit of a baking frenzy over the past few weeks so I do have some normal recipe blogs scheduled to post, but hopefully I’ll also have the chance to share some of the traditional Romanian food I get to try throughout the trip.

Internet access is limited and I’m going to be super busy so apologies if I don’t reply to any comments as quickly as normal, but I will do my best!


7 thoughts on “Serbian pie and an adventure

  1. Nat, how very exciting. What a fantastic opportunity, well done. Look forward to hearing more. I hope you’ve filled the freezer up for the poor old Pony though.

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  3. Wow, exciting! Hope you have a fabulous time. Romania is a country I know absolutely nothing about, so look forward to reading all about it!

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