Random Recipes does Through the Keyhole

Did anyone else use to love through the keyhole?! I’m pretty sure I never knew who any of the ‘famous’ people were, but snooping around someone’s house is just so much fun!

For this month’s Random Recipes challenge, Dom has decided to do something a bit different and has asked to see where everyone keeps their cookbooks – so here are mine…

I live in a TINY 1-room studio flat, with very limited storage space, so the fact that I have a whole shelf for books is actually pretty amazing. When added to the baking ingredients shelf and baking drawer, there’s not really a lot of room left for practical things like saucepans or plates…

Wedged in with the books at the minute is a Celebrations tin – sadly empty, but a handy cupcake transporter. A few phone chargers are also thrown on top, due to lack of anywhere else for them to live!

On the far left are magazine cuttings and ‘proper meal’ books, then on the right are the baking ones. My latest additions are the Two Greedy Italians book, which has already turned up two top recipes, and the Home Made Sweet Shop, which I haven’t made anything from yet but may come in handy with another blogging challenge later this month…

So that’s my recipe book collection, look forward to having a nose at everyone else’s pictures in the round up!


12 thoughts on “Random Recipes does Through the Keyhole

    • Thank you! My mum would be so proud… The sweet shop book is great, lots of sweet shop classics and a few fancier things too – will hopefully post something from it soon!

  1. I love this! Getting so many great responses to this months challenge and everyone’s photos are so different. I love the way you’ve packed in some great books into such a small place and I too have a Celebrations cake tin! Thanks so much for entering this month! Xx

  2. Oh bloody WordPress!!! Thanks for entering this month. So great to see you squeezing some great books into such a small space!

  3. I’m stunned that you produce such creative recipes with such a neat collection of books – I really need to open some of mine more often, I bet there are hidden gems I don’t know about! Love the homemade sweet book – I saw that at work with The Book People but managed to resist. I wish I had crumbled now!

    • Thanks – I think! I do like my books but I also get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and pinterest… I have a definite love/hate relationship with The Book People, they have some great bargains but having them sat in the office for a week is just too tempting!

  4. A celebrations cake tin is a really good idea. You’ve managed to squeeze in some great cookbooks. I’m impressed by the ones you’ve chosen. I had a look at The Homemade Sweet shop after seeing it on your shelf. GG

    • Thanks! I do have to be a bit picky as I’ve got such limited space, although I’ve got my eye on a new one at the minute – Levi Roots’ Food for Friends – if I get that, the Celebrations tin will have to find a new home!

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