Cakes fit for a Queen?

Today was a very exciting one in the world of the Hungry Hinny – I entered my first ever cake competition, and came third!

The Western Morning News (a regional newspaper covering Devon and Cornwall) organised the competition, held at the Dartington Food Fair, with the theme of ‘Cakes fit for a Queen’.

There were two categories, big cakes and 2-tier cake stands featuring two types of small cakes, which is the one I decided to enter.

After much consideration, I decided on crown cakes – a coconut cupcake with raspberry curd filling and raspberry and blackcurrant cream cheese icing; and corgi tarts – a chocolate tart with caramel, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache (both of which I will blog the recipes for soon).

There were some gorgeous looking cakes on display, so I was delighted when I returned after judging to find that I had come first in the cake stand category and third overall, with a total score of 98 out of 100 across all the judging criteria!

I won a signed Mary Berry cookbook, and got to spend the day sampling delicious local food, learning how to extreme crochet, and stroking owls and guinea pigs – perfect bank holiday Monday!

Here are some of my photos of the other cakes (and a few friendly animals)…


18 thoughts on “Cakes fit for a Queen?

  1. First of all, Congratulations! That is amazing. I’m happy for you. I eagerly await the recipes for both. For that raspberry one, is it possible to use other combinations of fruit? I can’t eat raspberries.

    • Definitely, my original plan was a blueberry icing with lemon curd filling, and I’ve made the coconut cupcakes before with a strawberry jam filling, so I think there are lots of other combinations that could work!

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  3. Wow, they both look stunning and sound delicious! I’m so impressed with your corgis and crowns – can’t wait to find out how to make those! The raspberry curd sounds amazing, I must get round to trying curds, I just haven’t managed it yet. Too many things to bake 🙂

    Congratulations on your podium position! It looks like you had a lovely day too – lots of interesting looking cakes and thing to do. Will this be the stard of a winning streak???

    • The corgis and crowns were both made with my new favourite decorating ingredient – will get one of the two posts up later this week and all will be revealed!

      Haha I’d love it if it was the start of a winning streak although I don’t have any more competitions planned – might buy a lottery ticket though…

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  5. Congratulations and very well deserved, your bakes look ace and I love the sound (and sight!) of the raspberry curd. Love a food festival, perfect Bank Holiday outing!

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