Rapunzel castle cake & Cornwall Clandestine Cake Club

Last night, I attended my second Cornwall Clandestine Cake Club.

For those of you unfamiliar with Clandestine Cake Clubs, they are essential monthly gatherings where everyone bakes a cake, takes a cake and eats lots, and lots of cake.

The theme this month was ‘A Fairy Tale’, and the venue was perfect – a yurt in the middle of the forest! There were some fabulous cakes there, and between the pony and I we managed 12 slices on the night and brought another 5 home with us. Never let it be said that we can’t handle our cake!

This Rapunzel castle cake was a bit of a mission, and took 2 days to bake and assemble, but it was a labour of love and I think it was worth it!

If anyone wants the specific recipes I used to make this just give me a shout, but here’s the basic rundown:

Two layers of chocolate fudge cake, sandwiched with chocolate raspberry ganache and frosted with milk chocolate fudge icing.

Black fondant icing for the door and window slits, and chocolate shortbread for the bricks and roof.

Squares of brownie to make the battlements…

… covered in more icing and biscuits.

A tower of chocolate cake baked in a baked bean tin, covered in yet more icing and biscuit bricks.

And finally, a Rapunzel on top, in all her golden-haired glory.

(Yes, my fondant people need a little work!)

Hopefully everyone who tried a slice liked it – I certainly liked all the cakes I tried! In fact I may have to help myself to another slice of the pumpkin cake right now…

Here are some of the other fairy tale delights we had last night – big thanks to Ellie for organising and the Woods Cafe for hosting!

Fairy Godmother chocolate and rose cake from Choclette – brilliant to finally meet in person and a delicious cake with the perfect amount of rosewater!

Snow White’s Poison Apple Cake – definitely not poisonous but very tasty!

‘Cabin in the woods’ chocolate and cherry cake – the pony’s favourite

Cinderella’s Pumpkin cake – with crocodiles on top?!

Porridge and Honey Cake – was a bit sad the bear wasn’t a cake too!

Red Riding Hood’s Red Velvet Cake

Black forest gateau cake


11 thoughts on “Rapunzel castle cake & Cornwall Clandestine Cake Club

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  2. Wow, I’m so impressed! It looks like a true labour of love and the final result is magnificent! I think your fondant person looks great, but I’ve never tried any fondant work at all! It sounds like a great meet up, with lots of beautiful looking cakes. Yum!

  3. Oh fabulous pictures and a nice right up. I am so so impressed with your cake. You should have won a medal or a cake or something – such a labour of love! I’m just written up my post now hoping to publish it tomorrow if I can get the pictures and links sorted out. I sadly. don’t have a great picture of your cake, but am directing people to look at the real thing here. Really enjoyed meeting you too.

    • Haha I think there was enough cake on the night without winning another one!! It was great meeting you, hopefully we’ll both be able to go to anoter one soon, I think Ellie said August would be an evening…

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