Banoffee muffins

After seeing these delicious looking sticky toffee banoffee muffins on Tinned Tomatoes, it was really only a matter of time before I had a go at making them myself.

That time came around quickly, as I needed something I could bake that would survive an hour’s drive to a meeting and feed an office full of hungry people, and muffins seemed like the ideal solution.

I had a bit of a baking dilemma as the recipe doesn’t use any sugar, just a tin of caramel – I wasn’t sure if this was right and couldn’t decide whether to guess and add sugar or not – in the end I cautiously added 20g dark brown sugar just to ease my mind, although it really wasn’t necessary.

I think I mixed the caramel in a bit too well, as I didn’t really get melty pools of caramel as I was hoping, but I did get moist, sweet banana muffins that smelt AMAZING every time I opened the tin!

These muffins have also taught me the difference between muffins and cupcakes – the cases I used were most definitely cupcake cases, as I discovered when the recipe which was supposed to make 12 made 16 with quite a bit of overflowing batter, which led the friendly pony to call some of the less fortunate looking cakes “elephant man cupcakes”…

Thanks to Jacqueline at Tinned Tomatoes for posting the recipe – apart from the sugar  I followed it exactly so you can see the original here.


5 thoughts on “Banoffee muffins

  1. Not quite sure if my comment worked. I swear, wordpress hates me! Anyway, your muffins look great and I want to eat them all over again x

    Tinned Tomatoes

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