Gingerbread chocolate souffles (GF)

I remember bookmarking this recipe when the first series of Eric Lanlard’s Baking Mad was shown (back in the not-so-good old days of my unemployment, when it was acceptable to spend four hours or so a day watching cookery shows) but have only just got around to making them now, thanks to a set of ramekins I was given for my birthday.

I think for a first ever attempt at souffles they turned out ok, although my ramekins look a bit wider than the ones in the picture  which might be why they aren’t quite so risen – although the before and after shots prove there was a bit of a rise!

I cooked them for 11 minutes as directed, but they were most definitely not ready after that long so I gave them another couple of minutes (I was using an oven thermometer as well so not quite sure what went wrong…)

They might not look all that impressive, but they certainly tasted it! I love chocolate and ginger together, and the added cinnamon worked really well – I would definitely make these again!

Gingerbread Chocolate Souffles (recipe adapted from Eric Lanlard, posted by Delicious Magazine)

Makes 4 souffles

  • 15g butter
  • 60g caster sugar
  • 105g plain chocolate
  • 3 small eggs, separated
  • 1 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • Extra melted butter and caster sugar to prepare the ramekins

Brush the ramekins with melted butter, and sprinkle with caster sugar to stop the souffles sticking. Melt the chocolate, butter, spices and vanilla in a bowl over simmering water (my chocolate mixture seized, but heating in the microwave loosened it up again). Beat in the egg yolks to the chocolate mixture, and whisk the egg whites and sugar in a separate bowl, until they form meringue like stiff peaks.

Stir in a third of the egg whites to the chocolate mixture to loosen, then gently fold in the rest. Divide the mixture between the four ramekins and bake at 180 degrees for 11-13 minutes – they should be well risen with a slight wobble. Serve with cream, clotted cream or ice cream – all would be delicious!


5 thoughts on “Gingerbread chocolate souffles (GF)

  1. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing.
    I wont blame you when I get fat ❤ haha.

    I am a photographer so if I ever make one of your recipes (I love foodography, I started getting into baking to take photos of the product) I'll link you to any entry featuring one of your recipes. It will always include photos 🙂

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