White Chocolate Chip Fudge (sort of)

Christmas has been on my mind pretty much since September, but now we’re in December it’s officially ok for me to let the world know about it!

I’ve been thinking ahead to sweet treats that I could give as gifts this year, and one I was pretty set on was fudge.

Luckily I started early, as the trial version I made this weekend didn’t go quite to plan! I followed this recipe for white chocolate chip fudge, as it seemed relatively simple, but somewhere along the way I must have gone a bit wrong, as what I ended up with was more of a soft toffee-ish mixture…

I used a sugar thermometer so it definitely got to the right temperature, but I’m wondering whether I should have kept stirring it for longer than the recommended 5 minutes as I’ve seen other recipes that say you have to stir until the gloss has gone…

It was pretty close though, and for my first attempt at fudge I’m not too disappointed. I’m definitely going to try again, so if anyone has any tips please let me know!

Right, now I’m off to put up the tree!

(I’ll wait until I’ve perfected it to post the recipe, but the original is from BBC Good Food).


One thought on “White Chocolate Chip Fudge (sort of)

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