Making your own croissants is a hassle. A really, massive, time-consuming hassle.

But so worth it.

As I had some holiday to take from work but nowhere to actually go on holiday to, I decided it would be the perfect time to try my hand at croissants.

Although no stage of the making process is actually that hard, there are a lot of resting, chilling and rising stages, which means you need pretty much a full day to do it (and a spare 10 minutes the night before to get it started).

I followed the recipe from the Great British Bake Off – How To Bake book, as it had very clear step-by-step instructions that looked pretty easy to follow.

The recipe covers 3 pages so I’m not going to type it all out here, so I’m afraid you’ll have to go boy the book (or find someone else who has blogged it!) if you want to give it a try – but I would definitely recommend you do!

The croissants came out brilliantly – they looked flaky and golden, had exactly the right texture and tasted buttery and delicious.

Even the ones made from the off-cuts of the pastry looked pretty good – you can see from the photo below the layers aren’t quite as defined but they still tasted great!


5 thoughts on “Croissants

  1. Wow they look perfect! When I saw the picture and read the first line I thought, ‘oh she didn’t bother then I see’ thinking it was a bought one… but you did! They look delicious and well worth the faff!

  2. PS thanks for your comment on my last post – yeps the course was definitely worth it! I want to do more… not sure where you’re based but if there’s anything similar in your area I’d really recommend it.

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