Bank holiday barbecue cakes

Yesterday was the first of what will hopefully be many Fernleigh Gardens barbecues. Along with our next door neighbour, Jo, the friendly pony and I decided what our neighbourhood needed was a big barbecue, where everyone could get to know each other and eat lots of food.

Obviously, as soon as this was decided, I started thinking about what cakes to make. I wanted things that were bite-sized and easy to eat, and in the end these are the five that I settled on.

Chocolate cherry brownies:

Lemon bars:

White chocolate and strawberry tarts:

Cappuccino squares:

Banoffee pie tarts:

In total I think there were about 75 pieces of cake, and there are only 4 left in my fridge now, so I think they went down pretty well! Someone even assumed that making cakes was my job, which I think is a very nice compliment!

I’ll post recipes for each of these over the next week or so, they’re all quick and easy and perfect for a sunny barbecue!


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