Nutella cheesecake squares

A few weeks ago, this post appeared on Freshly Pressed, and as soon as I saw it I knew Nutella cheesecake layer bars were going straight on my to-bake list.

The recipe calls for graham crackers, which I don’t think you can get in the UK, so I looked around and ended up using this recipe from Coconut and Lime. Thanks is still due to the Midnight Baker though for being my inspiration!

After making the base for the cheesecake, I decided it didn’t look thick enough, so I doubled the quantity. I think this was a bit of a mistake as the cheese bit should really be the star of the show, but no one else seemed to think it was a problem.

Although I followed the recipe to the letter, there was no way my cheesecake mixture was going to be spread nicely in two layers.

I ended up pouring in the plain cheesecake as per the recipe, then slowly pouring in the nutella mix in a spiral to create a sort of swirly pattern, which actually worked quite well.

These cheesecakes went down really well so I would definitely make again, although I would probably try a different base, maybe a traditional biscuity one…


4 thoughts on “Nutella cheesecake squares

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  2. I am not sure why you thought you would be able to get two layers out of my recipe, it supposed to be swirled together, which it looks like you did with success.

    Also, please take down the text of my recipe and just link to it as per the copyright notice and acceptable use policy on my website. Thanks so much!

  3. Have taken down the recipe, although there are LOADS of other versions of it around…

    On your recipe when talking about the Nutella mix you say “Spread on top of the first cheesecake layer” which to me implied that it would be of a spreadable consistency and would make two layers.

    The taste is delicious either way though!

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